We are a specialist agency helping brands sell with greater efficiency and impact online. We’re natives in paid social media marketing and understand the complexities and ever-changing landscape of the digital ecommerce space. 


We make sure brands understand the sales funnel process, what great ROI and ROAS (return on ad spend) looks like and how to scale and grow only when the metrics make sense.


Social Media Content &


We capture incredible experiences and turn them into great stories specifically to be told online. As social media wunderkinds, we have an innate sense of how to communicate in the digital space. 


Our strategic approach to content ensures that we’re telling the type of stories that promote uplift in engagement and increase leads which then ultimately leads to uplifts in sales.


About Us

Based in Stockholm, Sweden and Melbourne, Australia our name is formed from the distance between the two cities (16,000km). 


We are passionate team of digital hot-shots that understand digital content, social media, ecommerce and great story telling. We love helping brands communicate better and sell more online. 


We work alongside brands, marketing teams and full service agencies to help provide a specialist angle of attack in the realm of social media content, management, strategy and ecommerce.

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James Towers
Founder & Lead Digital Strategist


Izabelle Andersson
Project manager


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